A Tool for Detecting Event Races in Event-Based Systems

About DEvA

Event-based interaction is an attractive paradigm because its use can lead to highly flexible and adaptable systems. One problem in this paradigm is that events are sent, received, and processed nondeterministically, due to the systemsí reliance on implicit invocation and implicit concurrency. This nondeterminism can lead to event anomalies, which occur when an event based system receives multiple events that lead to the write of a shared field or memory location. Event anomalies can lead to unreliable, error-prone, and hard to debug behavior in an event based system. To detect these anomalies, this paper presents a new static analysis technique, DEvA, for automatically detecting event anomalies. The following links provide more information about DEvA.

Preprint of DEvA paper that will apear in ESEC/FSE 2015 Preprint of DEvA's paper

A manual (in PDF format) about how to use DEvA: Manual

The DEvA's latest source code: DEvA's source code

A tutorial video on how to use DEvA: Tutorial video

Results of DEvA's analysis that are discussed in the ESEC/FSE 2015 paper: Analysis results