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Gitesh Chopra
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Viterbi School of Engineering
May 2019

Masters of Science, Computer Science (3.56)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India
May 2015

Bachelors of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering (76%)


Software Engineering Intern
May 2018 - August 2018

Crafted a Visa rules visualization tool for Open Visa Net Team using React.js for a single page application.

Visualized rules hierarchy using react-d3-tree, simplifying rules search and getting away with the need for a user to learn domain specific language.


Software Engineer
December 2015 - July 2017

Built an automation tool for adding convenience to Dbfit usage using string manipulation, reducing time and effort. Received Team Excellence Award for the same.

Coded Selenium scripts for automation testing, checking all possible flows of application.

Performed unit testing, writing Junit tests in Parasoft Jtest achieving 95% code coverage.

Received recognition for being among few employees to complete Aricent’s Core Java Certification.

U2opia mobile

Software Engineering Intern
June 2014 – August 2014

Developed an automation tool for AWS console using Boto API of Python and MySQL for IT Operations department.

Tool functionalities: fetching meta data of an AWS instance and putting it in database, restoring stored data back to console when required, maintaining logs with timestamp for every action performed.

September 2018 – November 2018

Created a mixed reality application using Microsoft HoloLens for the hearing impaired in a team of 6 people.

Converted speech to text and sign language animations in real time using Microsoft Bot service on Azure and Unity3D.

You can see the application here:

Token Bucket Emulation
February 2018

Emulated a traffic shaper which transmits packets controlled by a token bucket filter using multi-threading in C.

Employed doubly linked lists to implement queues to store data and used signals and interrupts to synchronize flow.

Stock Symbol Search Web Application
October 2017 – November 2017

Devised a responsive web application using Bootstrap, Jquery for displaying company equity stock charts using stock ticker symbols interacting with a backend script written in Node.js hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Provided features to autocomplete user input, suggest symbols and save user searches. Also, added functionality to sort save history based on different parameters.

Made REST calls to fetch JSON data, display statistical values and latest market buzz for the company at user request.

Illustrated charts based on various stock indicators using Highcharts and Highstocks API

Find my implementation here:

Flipkart Seller Scraper
January 2019Present

Wrote an application using Selenium and Beautiful Soup to scrape Sellers data on Flipkart for a given product.

Found an alternate way to make a POST request to the dynamic flipkart API instead of the previous slower method using Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

Find my implementation here:

Analysis of Algorithms

Web Technologies

Database Systems

Operating Systems

Mixed Reality Project

Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines

Code Dojo Viterbi K-12 Outreach program

Code Dojo

Volunteered to promote Computer Science in Elementary schools.

New Graduate Student Mentor

Code Dojo

Mentored new computer science graduate students to adjust smoothly to life at USC, Los Angeles and maximize academic and career success.


Speaking Professionally

Listening Professionally

Writing Professionally

Reading Professionally


Speaking Professionally

Listening Professionally

Writing Professionally

Reading Professionally

Gitesh Chopra