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Web Page for GEOG 591

Created with Notepad++

Hello! Iím Gina Gonzalez, a current graduate student at USC. Iím pursuing a Masterís in Public Policy and two Certificates -- one in Homeland Security and the other in GIS. In my free time I like to explore U.S. cities, read from my Nook, cook, volunteer, and be silly.

I decided to take Web GIS because of its relevancy to the fields of public policy and advocacy. Free of charge and access restrictions, Web GIS can easily reach the masses, make the public more aware of prevalent issues negatively affecting their lives, and reveal the root causes of some of our societyís most pressing problems. In return, Web GIS can also serve as a visual aid to those who desire to combat the prevalent issues affecting our society.

What I like most about Web GIS is the fact that it makes data relevant, attractive, and interactive! As data receives this glamorous makeover, people begin to pay more and more attention to the information.

With this being said, I look forward to creating my first GIS maps for the web.