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about me

During my years of study, I have accumulated experience in software engineering and development through internships and projects. Currently, my programming interests lie in web and mobile app development. More broadly, my areas of interest in computer science are machine learning and security. I am a self-taught person who loves teaching and the learning experience. Other passions include playing basketball, soccer, salsa dancing or doing volunteer work.


Sr. Software Engineer, Intern | Palo Alto, CA

• Developed a chatbot using Python
• Built a UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap
• Constructed a RESTful JSON web service to expose the chatbot functionality through an API consumed by the UI via AJAX calls
• Developed features such as autocomplete and spell correction

CS@SC Summer Camp, Teaching Assistant | Los Angeles, CA

• Summer camp with approximately 400 school students which involved Scratch, Python
• Provided lectures about programming concepts and managed a class size of 30 students (each week)
• Implemented solutions for Python and Scratch lab exercises to serve as reference for teaching assistants

Software Developer, Intern | Paraguay

• Built the structure for a supermarket’s online shopping website using Python and Django
• Designed the front-end of the website utilizing web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Django, Bootstrap, jQuery)
• Created and applied Django templates to develop web pages which followed a hierarchy through inheritance


You can contact me via email or reach out sending me a message on LinkedIn!

E-Mail: garayfer@usc.edu