Recent Projects:

Little Vendor
( Commercial Website )
Playing with Jpeg and JM ( Image and Video Compression )
Fire Department Application for USC
Weenix Operating System

Welcome, this is Fang's technical website.

     Hello, this is Fang Yang, I am currently a Electrical Engineering Student at USC. Welcome to my website, hope you like it.

      In June 2012, I got my B.S at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univerisity , Shanghai, China. My major is Information Engineering, I also have minor degree in Finance. From summer 2011, I began to study and work in Fiber and Optical Network State Laboratory (Shanghai, China), our group was focusing on the resource assignment on the fibre network and other network algorithms. After graduated from SJTU, I was admitted to USC Viterbi School of Engineering and began my master program here in August 2012 with specification on signal processing and computer engineering.

     I am experienced in modeling and simulating signal/data related problems using graduate level math knowledge with matlab or python. I am also a versatile programmer. This semester I am learning machine learning and distributed computing on campus. I am also practicing algorithm skills on CodeForces and LeetCode these days.

     After working under GNU operating system for almost one year, currently, for lower-level programming, I prefer C, but for algorithm design, I prefer using Java. For website design and control, I prefer LAMP.

     Expecting to graduate at May 2014, I am looking for an entry level software developer or data scientist job after 2014 spring (anywhere) or software engineer internship (in Greater Los Angeles Area) in 2013 fall.

     If you are interested in my resume or find something wrong on the website, please leave a message or email me at, looking forward to your contact.