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The goal of this site is to display  what I have learned after completing three Internet markup and web page scripting language online courses through a USC-hosted e-learning portal called Lynda.com.

My project this sesmseter will focus on  creating a web page for users to reacher how there tax dollars are used at the U.S. Department of Haousing and Urban Development, Office of Community Development and Planning (CPD) .  

underlying principles of CPD include:
1. Community building begins with job creation, employment, and creation of safe, decent and affordable housing.
2. Planning and execution of community development initiatives must be bottom up and community driven.
3. Complex problems require coordinated, comprehensive, and sustainable solutions.
4. Government must be streamlined to be made more efficient and effective.
5. Citizen participation in Federal, State and local government can be increased through communication and better access to information.

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Link to Java Script Exercise

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