Q: What's the tryout process?
We hold tryouts at the beginning of each semester. You can find us at the Involvement Fair, or go here to get more information about tryouts. We try to make it possible for everyone who wants to ride horses to be able to participate in our team. That said, we will always prioritize the divisions we need filled at any given year (some years, we may need a Walk/Trot rider more than we need someone who can compete in Open).

Q: How much does it cost?
Team dues are $780 for the year, or $400 per semester. Team dues go towards paying hotel and air fares; competition, entry, and membership fees; and team excursions and dinners. In addition, team members are required to take at least one lesson a week. Lessons cost $60/ea for once-a-week lessons, or $50/ea for twice-a-week lessons. Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Does everyone compete?
If you want to compete, you will have a chance to! We encourage all of our team members to participate in at least one competition. They're a lot of fun and are a great way to showcase the skills you've been learning at home.

Q: What's the time commitment?
Team members are required to take at least one lesson per week. In general, you need a four-hour block in your schedule to comfortably get to your lesson and return to campus. Team members are also required to attend all local competitions in order to help with horse handling. We also require members to participate in fundraising events, of which there are usually three per semester, including one large fundraiser in the spring semester.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?
Unfortunately, because we are a club sports team, we cannot affect admissions decisions or offer scholarships at this time.