Algot Algot

DOB: 1995Height: 17 hhWeight: 1142 lbs
Gender: GeldingBreed: WarmbloodColor: Bay

Algot was generously loaned to the team by Eva Lund of Moonshadow Ranch/Special Spirit. He was originally an upper-level dressage horse, but switched to the hunter/jumper discipline two years ago and has been thriving in it. He is one of the best movers in the barn and is enjoyed by all levels of riders. Algot is quickly becoming a favorite draw at IHSA shows and has also taken home ribbons from local Los Angeles-area shows in the IHSA off-season.
Belinda Belinda

DOB: 1987Height: 16 hhWeight: 966 lbs
Gender: MareBreed: MixedColor: Bay

Belinda once belonged to HRH Princess Lama of AlSaud. She is as kind and gentle as a horse can be and will take care of any rider, regardless of their experience. Belinda never bats an eye at anything and is the first horse that all of our new riders sit on. Around the barn, we say that she's worth her weight in gold! Belinda enjoys teaching newer riders how to walk, trot, and canter and enjoys her semi-retired life while being pampered by the team.
Bella Bella

DOB: 1997Height: 16.2 hhWeight: 1126 lbs
Gender: MareBreed: WarmbloodColor: Chestnut

Bella was generously loaned to the team by the Green family. She was a star junior hunter before joining the USC team and is now the princess of our barn. When Bella isn't being pampered, she helps team riders of all levels gain confidence and experience. Although she has a sassy side, she is one of the most talented and athletic horses in our barn and is a straightforward ride. She made her IHSA debut in 2013 in the Open and Intermediate divisions and was a show favorite!
Brown Brown

DOB: 2008Height: 17.1 hhWeight: 980 lbs
Gender: GeldingBreed: ThoroughbredColor: Brown

Brown is owned by team member Cory Cochran. Although he is only 5 years old, Brown is an exceptionally honest, straightforward horse with a wonderful mind. He joined our program in March 2013 and is steadily becoming a team favorite while making great strides in his training. We are so excited to watch him develop and grow over the upcoming years.
Frank Frank

DOB: 1995Height: 17.2 hhWeight: 1126 lbs
Gender: GeldingBreed: WarmbloodColor: Bay

Frank is owned by Christina Caruso, and the USC Equestrian Team is very thankful to have him as one of our mounts! A seasoned hunter/equitation show horse, Frank is a fun ride. He is full of energy and loves to jump. Frank is very athletic and will gallop up to the spookiest jumps without any hesitation. He is one of the favorite mounts for our intermediate and advanced riders.
Grace Grace

DOB: 1998Height: 16.2 hhWeight: 1112 lbs
Gender: MareBreed: HolsteinerColor: Gray

Grace was generously loaned to the team by Jessica Reber. She is a very talented mare who loves her job but can be sassy when it comes to other horses. Everyone who rides her really enjoys her!
Megan Megan

DOB: UnknownHeight: ---Weight: ---
Gender: MareBreed: HaflingerColor: Palomino

Megan is the newest addition to our USC team. She is on the lazy side, but she is a very fun mare and we are excited to be able to work with her in our program.
Kartoon Kartoon

DOB: 1993Height: 17.1 hhWeight: 1172 lbs
Gender: GeldingBreed: WarmbloodColor: Bay

Kartoon was loaned to the team by Laura Mahmarian. He was a star junior jumper in his younger days. Now, Kartoon loves getting attention from team members and is great at teaching our newest members how to ride.
Polo Polo

DOB: 2008Height: ---Weight: ---
Gender: GeldingBreed: ThoroughbredColor: Bay

Polo is a young horse that Kat and Jose rescued a year and a half ago when he failed as a polo pony. He is nervous on the ground and takes time to trust. He has truly thrived in the USC program and is quickly becoming one of the team's favorite mounts, willingly taking even our novice riders around a course of jumps.
Savannah Savannah

DOB: 1997Height: ---Weight: ---
Gender: MareBreed: ThoroughbredColor: Chestnut

Savannah was loaned to the team by Eva Lund of Moonshadow Ranch/Special Spirit. Before joining the USC program, Savannah gathered many show miles as a jumper. She has a lot of spunk but she loves her job and is very honest to the jumps. Savannah is an extremely versatile horse, enjoyed by beginner and advanced riders alike.
shorty Shorty

DOB: 1991Height: 18 hhWeight: 1235 lbs
Gender: GeldingBreed: HolsteinerColor: Gray

Shorty was Kat's Grand Prix horse and is our gentle giant. He has jumped in international World Cup competitions and took Kat through the big jumper divisions in Spruce Meadows. Now, he helps teach team members of all levels. He loves his new job teaching and being pampered with the USC team, and is a great horse for riders to learn what it feels like to sit on an extremely well-trained horse
Spirit Spirit

DOB: UnknownHeight: ---Weight: ---
Gender: GeldingBreed: Mustang CrossColor: Buckskin

Spirit was loaned to the team by Eva Lund of Moonshadow Ranch/Special Spirit. He is a fun, straightforward ride with a comfortable canter and a nice jump. Although he is somewhat new to jumping, he's a very honest horse and we are thankful to have the opportunity to work with him in our program.
Twist Twist

DOB: 2002Height: ---Weight: ---
Gender: MareBreed: Friesian/TBColor: Black

Twist is owned by Kathy Wilson, a client of Kat's who generously lets Twist be used by the team. Twist is a fun and athletic mare who is easy enough for our beginner riders and talented enough for our more advanced riders.