Research Interests

  • Spoken Dialogue Systems: Negotiating Agents
  • Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning
  • Behavioural Game Theory: Culture's Effect on Economic Behaviour
  • Professional Expertise and Interests

  • Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing Applications
  • Programming in Python, C++, Java, Matlab
  • Behvaioural Data Analysis and Prediction Models
  • Projects

    These are the projects that I am currently working on as a graduate research assistant:

  • MURI project: Cultural Negotiation
  • NSF project: Reinforcemnet Learning for Negotiation
  • Publications

    Conference and Workshop

    • Nouri, Traum, Initiative Taking in Negotiation SigDial 2014. PDF
    • Towards Builidng Better Negotiating Dialouge Systems: Initiatives (Slides)
    • Nouri, Does History Help? An Experiment on How Context Affects Crowdsourcing Dialogue Annotation In Proceedings of the Human Computation Workshop on Scaling Speech, Language Understanding and Dialogue through Crowdsourcing. Palm Springs, CA. November 2013. PDF, (Slides)
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    • Nouri, Traum, Cultural Differences in Playing Repeated Ultimatum Game Online with Virtual Humans HCISS 2014. PDF
    • << Details >>

    • Nouri, Park, Scherer, Gratch, Carnevale, Morency, Traum, Prediction of Strategy and Outcome as Negotiation Unfolds by Using Basic Verbal and Behavioral Features. Interspeech 2013. PDF
    • << Details >>

    • Nouri, Traum, Prediction of Game Behavior Based on Culture Factors. Group Decision and Negotiation 2013. PDF
    • << Details >>

    • Nouri, Traum, A Cross-cultural Study of Playing Simple Economic Games Online with Humans and Virtual Humans. HCII 2013. PDF, (Slides)
    • << Details >>

    • Nouri, Georgila, Traum, A Cultural Decision-Making Model for Negotiation based on Inverse Reinforcement Learning. CogSci 2012. PDF
    • << Details >>

    • Nouri, Traum, A Cultural Decision-making Model for Virtual Agents Playing Negotiation Games. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Culturally Motivated Virtual Characters. Reykjavik, Iceland. 2011 PDF
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    • Nouri, Artstein, Leuski, Traum, Augmenting Conversational Characters with Generated Question-Answer Pairs. AAAI fall symposium, Arlington, Virginia, November 2011 PDF



    • Nouri, Georgila, Traum, Culture-specific Models of Negotiation for Virtual Characters: multi-attribute decision-making based on culture-specific values. Journal of AI and Society 2014. PDF
    • Chen, Tosch, Yao, Nouri, Artstein, Leuski, Sagae, Traum, Creating Conversational Characters Using Question Generation Tools. special issue of Dialogue and Discourse on question generation PDF


  • USC, MSc in Computer Science, 2010
  • Sharif University of Techonology, BSc in Computer Engineering, 2008
  • Honors and Awards

    Provost Fellowship from USC's Graduate School (The most prestigious scholarship university-wide)

    Other Affiliations

  • Institute for Creative Technologies, USC, January/2011-Now
  • Visting Graduate Student at Klab (Christof Koch), Caltech, 2009-2010
  • Language Skills

    English, Farsi, Spanish, Arabic

    Graduate Courses:

  • -Statistical Methods in Natural Language Processing
  • -Natural Language Dialogue Systems
  • -Human Communication and Machine Learning: Learning multimodal computational models of human interactions
  • -Computer Communications
  • -Artificial Intelligence
  • -Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
  • -Database Systems
  • -Computer Vision
  • -3D Graphics and Rendering
  • Teaching Experience

    Graduate courses at USC's computer science department

  • Summer 2011, Summer 2013: Analysis of Algorithms CSCI 570
  • Spring 2011, Summer 2010: Data Base Systems and Design CSCI 585
  • Fall 2010: Web Technologies CSCI 571
  • Undergraduate courses at Sharif University's computer engineering department

  • Fall 2007: Operating Systems
  • Fall 2007: System's Analysis and design
  • Spring 2007: Computer Networks
  • Spring 2007: Fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Fall 2005: Programming in C++

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