About Me

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, I moved out to Los Angeles, California in search of science and my PhD. In so doing, I had to leave a startup engineering firm I helped establish. Ever up for an adventure, my wife and I have made the most of every moment on the west coast, bringing a Texan and English flair to SoCal. Throughout this website, you can find more information on my research and education, but to learn more about what I do outside the lab - scroll down and enjoy.

The Stuff that Inspires Everything Else

There is no place in life that science can't help you. Most fortunately, this relationship isn't one-sided, so I have a firm "Do all the things!" policy. Sometimes this makes for fun collaborations, other times it helps me win my fantasy football league, still other times it just makes for a good story to tell.



Video Games and VR

I've never met a sport I won't play or watch. Fantasy, pick-up, or league, I'm usually in the middle of it. In fact, the first visit I ever took to see what would become my home for graduate school (Los Angeles) came on my trip to see the 2011 Rose Bowl, where my TCU Horned Frogs beat Wisconsin. Did you know augmented and virtual reality devices are already being used to improve in-game performance?

Much like the rest of the world, music was my first love. I play guitar and have been in a few bands over the years. There are few things in this life that can reset your frame of mind faster than listening to a great Pandora station. Did you know that artificial intelligence-driven composers are writing new Beatles songs?

I mostly play FIFA and Madden these days, but I owe a good portion of my problem solving ability to Zelda and the N64. At USC, I've had a chance to help out the world-renowned games program with some hardware engineering for a horror-strategy game called Nevermind. Speaking of - Did you know video games may be an effective means of dealing with stress and treating PTSD?

BBQ and Brewing

Adventure Sports


True to my Texas roots, I spend a good deal of time perfecting my BBQ and fried chicken. It's still a work in progress, but a labor of love. Recently, I've added some brewing and infusing to the mix. Did you know the same pulsed power that can improve fuel efficiency and treat cancer, can make better wine too?

My dad always made sure I could hold my own on the mountain, but when I moved to LA I vowed to conquer the surf. I haven't yet, but it's still fun to get thrown back on the beach and grab a beer. Bucket list item - Do you know about the California Double?

My oldest goal with the newest progress is my pursuit of a pilot's license. The schedule and budget is not easy, but there is no better feeling in the world than flying. Have you heard of the Airport in the Sky?


3651 Watt Way, VHE 510
Los Angeles, CA 90089
United States of America


emoen (at) usc.edu