PowerView Tutorial : Inverter Schematic & Symbol

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  1. Copy viewdraw.ini file.
    %cp ~ee577/viewdraw.ini .
  2. Execute ViewDraw program. See Fig 1.
    %viewdraw &
  3. Type inverter in "Enter name" field.
    Then you will have a new schematic window. See Fig 2.
  4. Get pmos from analog library. See Fig 3, Fig 4, and Fig 5.
    Click(rmb) pmoss from popup window
    Click(mmb) where you want to locate pmos

  5. Repeat for nmos. See Fig 6.
  6. Decrease sheet size.
    Your current sheet size is too big for inverter schematic. Follow the next steps to decrease sheet size.
    Width: 800
    Height: 800

  7. Draw wires.
  8. Labeling.
  9. Add attribute to pmos and nmos See Fig 13, Fig 14 and Fig 15.
    Select pmos
    Attribute : w=8
    Click OK
    Place mp beside pmos and click mmb to locate attribute
    Repeat for l=2 attribute
    Repeat for bulk=Vdd attribute

    Another way to add attribute

    Select nmos
    Type "Ctrl-A"
    BULK S : GND
    Drag scrollbar far below
    Type "W" in Name and "4" in Component Value
    Type "L" in Name and "2" in Component Value
    Steps below are only cleaner schematic purpose.
    Select "W=4"
    Click lmb on "L=2" while pressing "Ctrl" key - This will select L=2 with W=4
    Type "m" then drag mp to place those selected attributes
    Select "bulk=gnd" attribute
    Visibility : Invisible
    All or Selected : Selected
    Click OK - This will make "bulk=gnd" attribute invisible

    For completed schematic, see Fig 16

  10. Change attribute. See Fig 17.
  11. Save.

  12. Open symbol editor. See Fig 18 and Fig 19.
    Enter name : inverter
    Click Symbols
    Click OK

  13. Draw outline of inverter. See Fig 20 and Fig 21.
    Add->Graphics->Line (or type "L")
    Click mmb and drag to another end of line
    Clicking rmb will escape from draw line mode
    Complete triangle as shown in Fig 20
    Add->Graphics->Circle (or type "C")
    Click mmb at the center of circle
    Drag mp and click mmb to place circle as shown in Fig 21

  14. Add pins. See Fig 22.
    Put mp on left side of inverter symbol
    Add->Pin (or type "p")
    Drag mp upto the edge of box
    Click mmb to place pin
    Repeat on right side

  15. Add labels on pins. See Fig 23, Fig 24 and Fig 25.
    Select In pin
    Label String : IN
    Visibility : Visible (or Invisible)
    Scope : Local
    Sense : Notinverted
    Click OK
    Place label by clicking mmb
    Repeat for Out pin

  16. Save.
    Click "Press button to dismiss window"

  17. Save schematic again.
    File->Open->inverter.1 (schematic)
    File->Write (in schematic)
    Make sure there is no error or warning

  18. Practice yourself. See Fig 26
    Draw the same nand gate schematic shown in Fig 26.

Copyright Joong-Seok "Jay" Moon