Using simWaves in Integration control

Created by: Sunan Tugsinavisut

  • Change Note

  • There are two methods to run simWaves
    1. Using simWaves via command line. (You have learned this method in tutorial 3 and 4).
    2. Using simWaves directly in Integration control.
  • In the integration control, you can invoke simWaves directly.
    1. Invoke the integration control tool (step 4 of tutorial 3 and 4).

    3. Setup the environments in the "Setup" menu according to the design (tutorial 3 and 4).

    5. Create or copy stimulus file "testfixture.verilog" as in tutorial 3 and 4.

    7. In this step, we will set integration control to use another file instead of "testfixture.verilog" as a current testbench.
    8. Invoke "Simulation->Start Interactive" and "Yes" to re-netlist the design.
    9. Invoke "Simulation->Continue" to run the simulation.

    11. Invoke "Debug->Utilities->View Waveform ..." to open simWaves.

    13. Refer to simWaves tutorial.