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Justin Eddings

January 30, 2012

Hello 591,
My name is Justin Eddings and I am transmitting this introduction from Huntington, Long Island, NY.  I graduated from Connecticut College in 2007 with a Biology degree, and a concentration in Marine Science.  Since graduation I have taken on employment and volunteer opportunities including seal rescue and rehabilitation, seal and sea lion training, shellfish hatchery work, whale spotting and documenting, and presently as a stormwater technician managing stormwater runoff into the waterbodies surrounding Long Island, with Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program

This is my fourth semester in the USC GIST Masters program.  I have taken Courses: 581, 582, 583, 587, and 588.  Just prior to registering for this semester I was asked by a coworker for any recommendations on updating a very outdated stormwater website for Suffolk County.  Further review of websites applying GIS and some sessions attended at the NEARC 2011 User Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY, regarding web GIS, have encouraged me to take 591. 

I believe that web GIS is an extremely useful tool in this field as it allows dissemination of data quickly and with little limitations.  I intend to apply web GIS to data I have collected in the field available for either across servers for coworkers to edit or to the public, so they will be more aware of their (marine) environment.  Web GIS is a great way to document and display my GIS work both progressive and completed, in an easily understandable way in the future. 

I have not worked on any previous Web GIS projects though I have dabbled in the ArcGIS Online and its server application between my iPhone Arc application.  I look forward to generating my own (1st) url and communicating with all of you on how to make my website as valuable and practical as possible!

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