Hi, I am Manish Dwibedy
A Web and Mobile Application Developer

I just love to develop software applications.

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I Love to develop software Applications.

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What I Do

I like to develop applications, both web and mobile based.
I like to focus on a problem at hand and solve them using web and mobile solutions.

Web Applications Development

I have worked on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, PHP, Laravel to build and develop web applications.

Mobile Application Development

I develop mobile application on the Android and iOS platforms.

Full Stack Developemnt

I have worked as a full stack developer, working on the backend and front end. Along with working with a database system, I have been working on threading and messaging systems as well.

Who Am I Manish

Hello, I am Manish...

I am Manish Dwibedy, a 26 year old Web and Mobile Application Developer from Los Angeles, CA. I am pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Science, from the University of Southern California. I have a deep passion for developing beautiful and useful applications to help solve a problem at hand.


90% Complete


70% Complete


50% Complete


90% Complete


60% Complete

HTML5, CSS3, Less

85% Complete

JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX

75% Complete

PHP, Laravel

60% Complete

Android Development

70% Complete

iOS Development

30% Complete

My Experience

I have been working in the IT industry for sometime now and I just love it!!


September 2012 to July 2015

I worked as a software developer, primarily responsible for development and enhacement of web based applications. I was invloved with the development of a web based product to better manage network devices i.e. switches, router, gateways, etc.


June 2010 to July 2010

I was selected to take part in the summer training program conducted by Nokia University Relations. I implemented a relational database from the scratch using the S60 database API in the Symbian devices.

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