Dustin K. Miller Web GIS 591 Spring 2013

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My Production Environment

Greetings interweb visitors! My name is Dustin Miller and welcome to my page. I am in my final semester at USC for a GIS certificate. I have a B.S in Geology from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, where i got to study active volcanoes. My goal is to eventually use my GIS and geology skills in the field of Volcanology/Natural Hazard management and monitoring. I am currently unemployed after having worked 8 years in Hawaii as a Information Technology Specialist. I have recently relocated back to my home state of Washington and am pursuing a couple of jobs with the state government.

Simple Map of places i have lived

This map is just a simple google map showing the places i have lived


You can e-mail me at: dustinmi@usc.edu