Mark Dustin SSCI 591 – Web GIS

About Mark

Mark Dustin is a Certificate student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. Currently, Mark is self-employed as a photographer and videographer for a variety of clients. Before going out on his own, Mark worked for the Los Angeles Times Community News (2003-2010), climbing the ranks to Photo Supervisor (2005). After watching the decline of newspapers over the years, Mark decided to pursue a new career path that followed another interest of his, mapping. Upon the recommendation of his wife, Mark enrolled in some GIS classes, which led to an internship with the City of Anaheim Public Utilities Department (2008-2009). During this time Mark's interest in GIS grew larger, where today he is furthering his education in GIS. When not out on assignment or studying, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa, 3-year-old daughter Aurora, and preparing for the birth of a second daughter, Ariele, this March.

This site contains the projects and exercises completed for the class. Any questions or comments feel free to email me.