The Californian Lifestyle


If you want to live somewhere that seems to have an eternal blue sky, where the majority of the population not only work hard at their jobs but can also enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle, then the Californian lifestyle is surely for you. It is little wonder that California is so cosmopolitan with a climate and landscape to suit everyone and endless opportunities whether you’re that wannabe actor, a computer wizard or are simply looking for something a little more relaxing - California literally has it all to offer you.

Where to live

Of course a major impact on your Californian lifestyle will be where you choose to live and just about everyone wants either a beach-side apartment or a place in the hills. The major two Californian cities, San Francisco and L.A., are actually located on the coast; but you might also want to consider other coastal places like Santa Barbara in the south or Eureka up north. Inland the main centers are Sacramento and Palm Springs, although in fairness this latter place is probably best known for its more mature population of residents. As for those two main cities; although you’ll find properties to buy or rent to suit all budgets San Francisco can be very expensive, largely as a result of the nearby Silicon Valley industries. However, with 40 odd hills it’s not the place everyone wants to live and you can still find properties in such iconic areas as Haight-Ashbury and Twin Peaks. An absolute must for anyone living in San Francisco is to ride the remaining 10 miles of the original cable car routes; and needless to say if you’re gay then the relaxed San Francisco Californian lifestyle will surely suit you. If New York was Frank Sinatra’s kind of town - then LA is mine. Leave aside all the stories you read about gangs on every street - instead consider taking a stroll through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, or if you like the sea air go to Long Beach or perhaps drive to Orange County and visit Laguna Beach. There cannot many cities in the world with so many well known places to see.

Shopping, eating and drinking

Whilst you can live cheaply anywhere, to be able to take in some aspects of the full Californian lifestyle you will need some cash. The same as housing, there are shops and places to go in California to suit all budgets - but the place to be seen shopping in the Golden State has to be Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills - in fact its probably fair to say that Rodeo Drive is the place to go shopping in the whole of the USA, so renowned is it as a place of chic shops and beautiful boutiques. Not convinced? Apparently if you go into Bijan’s at 420 Rodeo Drive the average purchase there is $100k! If you fancy going out to eat you can and will find fast-food joints, but to truly be one of the beautiful people out in California then you’re more likely to eat fresh, eat organic and eat sparsely. California is perhaps the one corner of America where being obese isn’t accepted as being the norm. You will find that the Californian lifestyle exponent eats healthily and keeps fit and trim. So fish, chicken and even steaks are in abundance, but expect it with a salad rather than fries. Unless you’re drinking at home, neighborhood bars are relatively few and far between and you could be forgiven for thinking that drinking coffee is the new alcohol, with so many coffee shops everywhere you look. Restaurants offer the usual range of beers and wines, with Californian wines being an obvious choice to make. However, a bottle of local wine in the supermarket might cost $7 in the store but $30 at the table. If you want a drink but don’t fancy a bar or want to eat - look for a bit more sophistication and that Californian lifestyle in a cocktail bar.

The outdoor Californian lifestyle

If you’re not committed to an outdoor lifestyle, then you really ought to reconsider if you’re committed to the Californian lifestyle. In simple terms outdoor activity, whether participating or observing is simply de rigueur. In fact if you’re moving to California and don’t participate in some sort of physical activity, preferably outdoor, then you might never really feel you quite fit in with the locals. Apart from the sports you’ll come across anywhere in the USA Californians are particularly proud of their coastal sports like surfing, windsurfing and beach volleyball.  Cycling, skating and jogging anywhere are key essentials to understanding the Californian lifestyle. Also, you can visit the state parks or if you go up in the mountains you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, not to mention mountaineering. If those sorts of things attract you - then you are already half way there to enjoying the Californian lifestyle.