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Devon Munsell

GIST Masters Student

About Me

My name is Devon and I live in Redondo Beach, CA. I am originally from Michigan, where I received a bachelors in urban and regional planning from Michigan State. After working as a sales rep for a few years I decided to go back to school and am now enrolled in the Masters GIST program here at USC. I currently intern with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Survey and Mapping Division where I use GIS to map the storm drain network here in Los Angeles. My professional interests are broad, although I am very interested in using GIS for various types of government work as well as environmental and energy analysis. I am interested in Web GIS because it seems to be the future spatial science. Everything is moving towards the web, and GIS is no exception. I believe that taking this class will help me adjust to this future. Having the ability to create web applications for a potential employer can only help my credentials. I have yet to work on any Web GIS projects, although the LADPW storm drain network that I have been working on, as mentioned above, will eventually be available to the public as a Web GIS. My department, unfortunately, will not be creating this website. I look forward to learning about this new generation of GIS in this course.

Current Courses

Geog 591- Web GIS
Geog 594b- Masters Thesis


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