The Story

Some Evil Power has taken your throne and has trapped you inside a room. The room does not have any light source except a set of gems which glow near you. Your aim is to escape this room by collecting all the blue spells which are thrown towards you and dogde the other spells. If you get hit by a spell other than blue color than you lose one gem. As the game progresses the speed of the spells gradually increases making it more difficult for you to survive. Once you collect five blue spells, the room will light up and you can easily escape the room to claim your kingdom once again.



Midterm Build

  • Dark Room Integration with Spells
  • Dodging Capabilities
  • Tutorial for guiding through the games
  • Illumination of Magic Spells

Final Build

  • Integration of Hands for the character
  • Tweaked the Scoring Mechanism
  • Better Illumination Effects
  • Spell grabbing with Controllers