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A Passion for Greening Global Business and Life   

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Sustainable Me

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Ever since I was young I knew there was something about saving the world from industrial destruction and global warming that gelled with my personality. From numerous reports on rainforest destruction in grade school, to working for the solar consulting division of a real estate company, I have taken a great interest in sustainability through the years and have made it a priority to incorporate in my studies and work. I am also an avid traveler, and feel that my experience abroad is extremely important to my knowledge of sustainability – we are moving into an time of rapid globalization, meaning communications, business conduct, and allocation of resources is no longer happening on a local level. When there is a shortage of water somewhere in the world, it is not just that region’s problem, but the world’s problem. I am currently completing a degree in business with emphasis on international business and marketing, and upon graduation I strive to work in the renewable energy market, pushing fossil fuels aside and replacing them with clean energy. 

Sustainability is not just a form of renewable energy or planting trees; it is those things as well as living a healthy lifestyle, educating yourself about green policies, and working in the community.

Please view the links above to see how I’ve built my resume around sustainability, including:


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