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Papers and projects:

    Higher categories:

  1. Weak $n$-categories are sheaves on iterated submersions of $\leq n$-manifolds
    (with Nick Rozenblyum; to appear)

  2. Weak $n$-categories with adjoints are sheaves on $n$-manifolds
    (with Nick Rozenblyum; in preparation)

  3. K-theory of weak n-categories and higher traces
    (with Andrew Blumberg; early stages)

  4. Factorization homology:

  5. Structured singular manifolds and factorization homology
    (with John Francis and Hiro Tanaka -- submitted)

  6. Koszul Poincar\'e duality
    (with John Francis -- in preparation)

  7. $\Theta_n$:

  8. Configurations spaces and $\Theta_n$
    (with Richard Hepworth -- to appear in the Proceedings of the AMS)

  9. The Ran complex and $\Theta_n$
    (with Richard Hepworth; to appear)

  10. Combinatorialization of factorization algebras and little disks
    (with Richard Hepworth; in preparation)

  11. String topology:

  12. Higher string topology
    (with Kate Poirier -- early stages)

  13. Stable moduli spaces:

  14. Geometric cobordism categories
    (PhD thesis -- 82 pages)

  15. Stable topology of moduli spaces of curves in complex projective space
    (19 pages)

  16. Counting bitangents with stable maps
    (with Renzo Cavalieri -- Expositiones Mathematicae, volume 24, no. 4, pages 307-335)

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