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Phone_image Mobile: (323)868-1810
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Skype_icon   Skype: xuanchenluke21
Address_icon  Address: 3418 1/2 Walton Ave, Los Angeles,CA 90007


My Biography
    Chen Xuan is a second year graduate student in Product Development Engineering at University of Southern California, which is an inter-indispline of Computer Science, Industrial and Systems and Mechanical Engineering. He focuses on implementing the innovative technology and ideas to create or improve industrial products or web-related products. Meanwhile, he got the B.E in Electrical Engineering at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in China.He is active to pursue a professional career in web-related product development and management, Information Technology, Product Development as well as the combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Application Engineering.

My Education

Professional Experiences
  • Product Enginner Intern
    ChargeAll, Newport Beach, California
    • Programmed with HTML,CSS and Javascript, combined with professional design tools, Adobe Creative Suite, to improve the user experience and interactions of official website
    • Supported the team for product design and testing, and coordinated with the suppliers for technical and quality issues

  • Technical Support Engineer Intern
    Banner Engineering, Shanghai, China
    • Studied to be familiar with various of electrical products and understood their principles and applications
    • Tested Banner’s electrical products to provide professional solutions for clients based on specific requirements
    • Assisted to upgrade and debugged the checking systems of manufacturing lines in Danone China and Kraft Foods with Banner’s advanced sensor systems and image processing systems by using MS project to plan and track the process, and assign resources

  • Assistant Technical Consultant Intern
    Yonyou Software, Shanghai, China
    • Collaborated with team as marketing staff to investigate and evaluate the China ERP implementation market of airlines with Excel and presented a commercial report to our client, Hainan Airline, and received positive feedback.
    • Surveyed our client, Peacebird, a clothing company, with a professional team to finish the IT Governance Project, and assisted to formulate and design the standard IT processes as well as related management documents
    • Assisted as Project Management Coordinator in the project of IT informatization consulting for Lante Group to help to construct its information technology platform by using MS project to plan, track the process, assign resources and record costs

  • Research Assistant
    National ASIC System Engineering Research Center, Nanjing, China
    • Supported lab projects with MATLAB and SPSS for data analysis, and used C/C++ and Java for programming and debugging
    • Collaborated with Professor, Bai Na, to simulate model with Hspice to finish the paper “A Differential Read Subthreshold SRAM Bitcell with Self-adaptive Leakage Cut Off Scheme”, published in 23rd IEEE International SOC Conference, Las Vegas

My Projects
  • Web-related Projects
    • Developed a website using HTML, CSS, Javascript to parse the XML document about restaurants and then displayed the content of XML into HTML page, including the texts, pictures.    Demo, Click Here!
    • Built a dynamic website with HTML, CSS, Javascript, XMLHttpRequest, and programmed server-side scripts with Perl/PHP/Java Servlet to search required information and displayed it.  Demo, Click Here!
    • Developed an Android app to access information from Tomcat server, extracted data in JSON, displayed and posted the corresponding information to Facebook.    Demo, Click Here!
  • Oracle Database Project
    • Designed a relational database which was an eBay-like selling database with SQL based on Oracle 11g database
    • Developed an Java GUI application using NetBeans IDE to do spatial searching on a map with Oracle Spatial Database
    • Built a database for Social Meida system in XML (with XML Schema), wrote XML stylesheet to display data in tabular format, programmed queries using XQuery, and displayed the query results.
  • SAP System Practice and Training
    • Completed six projects regarding each SAP business module operations individually.
    • Executed an entire SAP business process chain for a global food company with teammates in the area from material planning, procurement, production, inventory and warehouse, and accounting, analyzed and made business decisions based on standard reports and data of the SAP ERP, which ensured the most profit among all the teams in a simulation game.
    • Attended the professional training of Integration of Business Processes in SAP ERP, and obtained the TERP10 certificate.
  • Advanced Mechanical Design
    • The aim is to develop an innovative computer input device which can reduce users’ repeated stress injuries with teammates.
    • Initiated the conceptual functional design, converted it to a physical design and completed a technical design based on an innovative design thinking framework and a new product development cycle.
    • Displayed the whole system combined each module with sketching and AutoCAD.

My Skills
    Business Intelligence and Analysis:
  • Proficient in SAP ERP and Yonyou ERP.
  • Proficient in MS Project,MS Visio,Familiar with SPSS and R.

  • Programming Languages and Development Tools:
  • Proficient in Java, C/C++, PHP and SQL.
  • Familiar with Python and Perl.
  • Proficient with Database Systems, such as Oracle 11g, MySQL and MS Access.
  • Familiar with Web technologies, such as, JSP, AJAX, JSON, XML, JQuery, HTML, CSS, TOMCAT and Apache.
  • Familiar with Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux(Ubuntu)
  • Skilled in Android App Development and iOS APP Development
  • Proficient in Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, Dreamweaver, MATLAB, Adobe Creative, NetBeans.
  • Familiy with Mechatronics, such as, Motion Transmission, Microcontroller, Electronic Components, Sensors, Motors and PLC

  • Office Software:
  • Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

  • Language:
  • Good Communications skills in verbal and written English
  • Native speaker in Chinese

My Courses
  • Graduate(Completed)
    • CSCI-571 Web Technology
    • CSCI-585 Database Systems Management
    • CSCI-455 Introduction to Programming System Design
    • CSCI-570 Analysis of Algorithm
    • ISE-511L Computer Aided Manufacturing(Mechatronics)
    • ISE-583 Enterprise Wide Information Systems
    • ISE-515 Engineering Project Management
    • ISE-544 Engineering Team Management
    • ISE-460 Engineering Economy
    • ISE-545 Technology Innovation and Implementation
    • ISE-527 Quality Management for Engineers
    • AME-504 Advanced Mechanical Deisgn
    • SAP TERP Student Certification Academy

  • Undergraduate(Core Courses)
    • Programming Languages of Computer(C/C++)
    • Object-Oriented Program Design and C++
    • Programming Design(C/C++)
    • Advanced Mathematics
    • Experiment in Electrical Technology and Electrical Engineering
    • Microcomputer Principle& Interface Technology
    • Electric Circuit Course Design
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • The principles of Communication
    • Fundamental of circuit analysis
    • Digital Circuits and Logic Design
    • Probability and stochastic processes
    • Analog Electric Circuit
    • Signals and system
    • Embedded system and application
    • Computer control technology

My Achievements
  • Second Class, Excellent Academic Performance in Nanjing Uninversity of Posts and Telecommunications, 2009-2010
  • Third Class, Excellent Academic Performance in Nanjing Uninversity of Posts and Telecommunications, 2008-2009
  • Third Class, Excellent Academic Performance in Nanjing Uninversity of Posts and Telecommunications, 2007-2008
  • Excellent Performance in Social Works and Community,2007-2008,2008-2009,2009-2010

  • Certificate:
  • Associate Business Foundation and Integration with SAP ERP – SAP certified
  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate – Oracle certified