Chandana Srinivasa

Computer Science Graduate from University of Southern California
I have completed my Masters in Computer Science with emphasis on Data Science at University of Southern California.


 Software Engineer Intern, Quixey, Inc. Mountain View, California (May 2015 – Aug 2015)
Worked on:
  • Technologies: Java and J2EE, JavaScript, Android
  • (Patent filed on this concept) Delivering Deep View Cards (DVC) as part of the search/browsing experience. The DVC's are presented to the end user seamlessly since it is embedded within the web page the user is visiting. It solves the problem of Delivery of DVC by this unique way, Content Discovery (Deals, Offers, etc) to the end user, Monetization through DVC.
  • Worked on JavaScript for the front-end and developed a java servlet deployed on Heroku to extract the search query keyword.
  • Developed an algorithm which helped reduce the time complexity to extract the query keyword.

 Software Engineer, Capgemini Private Limited, Bangalore, India (June 2013 – July 2014)
Worked on:
  • Java and J2EE Application Development (developed java applications and worked on framework)
  • C# and Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 (trained on customizing the code and using out of box features)
  • Worked on the project, Insurance Analytics Solution to Extract Transform and Load (ETL) the large number of records provided by the Insurance Company such that the quality of the data needs to be checked according to the business logics using the tool Informatica Big Data Edition. Worked mainly on creating mappings for applying the business logics.
  • Developed a POC on Banking System Application to provide online/net banking services to the bank customers using J2EE and also used HTML5 for the front end.
  • Business Information Management(BIM) Certificate INFORMATICA Training Certificate


M.S Computer Science (GPA 3.3/4.0) December 2015
University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Web Technologies, Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Information Integration on the Web, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining

B.E Information Science and Engineering (GPA 3.8/4.0) June 2013
Visvesvaraya Technological University, India

Coursework: Software Engineering, Data Mining, Software Architecture, Compiler Design, Unix System Programming, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Java and J2EE, C# Programming and .NET, Computer Networks

Technical Skills

  • Languages: C, C++, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, JSP
  • Operating Systems: Windows,UNIX, Linux
  • Database: SQL, NoSQL
  • Tools: Informatica Big Data Edition, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Google OpenRefine
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, AJAX


User-based Collaborative Filtering:

Implemented a simple user-based collaborative filtering recommender system for predicting the ratings of an item using the given data in python. This prediction was done using k nearest neighbors and Pearson correlation. Finally using the similarity of the k nearest neighbors, the ratings of the new item for the given user was predicted.

Finding Frequent Itemsets:

Implemented PCY, Multi-hash and Toivonen algorithms in python to find frequent itemsets from a given customer transaction data.


Developed a python program which would convert any propositional logic sentence into its equivalent CNF sentence and implemented the DPLL algorithm to find satisfiability

Job Search Mashup:

Developed and published a mashup using Yahoo pipes which takes job position and city as input and displays all the positions available in that city using various data sources.

Gesture Controlled Robot Mobile Application  

Developed an android application for a pick and place robot that can be controlled wirelessly through gestures on any android phone using this application.

Real Estate Search Android Application 

Developed an android application to search for real estate listings using the Zillow API ( It provides an interface to post text and pictures (containing information about the house) to Facebook using the Facebook Android SDK. The backend contains a .php file located on AWS server which parses the result from Zillow into a JSON object.

Real Estate Search Web Application (REST Architecture):

Created a webpage that allows users to search for real estate listings using the Zillow API. The Zillow web service URL retrieves an XML response and the PHP script parses the returned XML file and extracts the necessary information to display the data. Bootstrap was used to make the website responsive. JQuery was used for client-side validation.

GFit Android Application  (SS12 Hackathon)

Developed a fitness app which measures the number of steps covered and displays the steps covered (graph) on each day of the week. Used the Google Fit API.

Scraping Art Museum Website:

Wrote a java program (using jsoup java library) to scrape an art museum website to extract URL of the image, and all the data about the required artwork and output it to a JSON file to generate RDF.

USC Transportation Application:

Developed a Java application that requires a spatial database as its back-end and query them using oracle spatial operators. USC Transportation Department provided its spatial data to improve their transportation services by moving some tram stops so that they can cover maximum students and buildings given with the data.

Company XML Database:

Designed the XML Schema, XML Stylesheet for the Company database and used the XML query language XQuery to query XML data. Used the Altova XMLSpy 2015 tool.