Ce Shi received her Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Science and Technology (USTC) at 2005. She is now a fifth year Ph.D candidate working in Materials Science Department at University of Southern California. She is now working with Professor Andrea Armani.

She is currently investigating hybrid silica microcavities integrated with gold nanoparticles to study Plasmonic interaction between nanoparticles and microcavities. Based on this hybrid microcavities, new type of Plasmonic Upconversion microlaser has been invented. Besides of studying physical phenomena, she also works on improving label-free biodetection by combining bimodal kinetics of the functionalized microdevices or by varying Quality factors of microcavities used for biodetection.

For her undergraduate research, she was working on multifunctinal materials composed of superparamagnetic Ni/Co alloys nanorings loaded with gold nanoparticles, which can be applicated as multimodal imaging contrast agents.

Research Interests

She is interested in the research fields of thin film, photonics, Plasmonics, and semiconductors.

Revised on March, 2014