General Instructions about Using WebTester

Webtester is a public domain program, written by Gary Burgdorf in perl which traverses a site (visits all local documents) and for each document x.html it reports:

to download webtester go to,
or the alternate site:
To run webtester
1. edit, to set 3 variables, e.g.
$InFile = "/auto/home-scf-03/cscixxx/public_html/webtester/pages/index.html";
$OutFile = "/auto/home-scf-03/cscixxx/public_html/webtester/pages/out.html";
$MapFile = "/auto/home-scf-03/cscixxx/public_html/webtester/pages/sitemap.html";
then say
2. perl
the program runs and places its output in the html file specified in