Sample HTML with JavaScript Showing Many JavaScript Features

Color Please

Enter below the color you want to be the background for this document. For example, "#ffcc99" or "Lime" but don't include the quotes.
Then click outside the text box or simply press return.

Color please:

Red Green Blue

Key HTML Source Code
<FORM action="" onsubmit="javascript:return false">
<P>Color please: <INPUT onchange=document.bgColor=this.value> </P></FORM>
name=Red onmouseout=document.bgColor=save 
onmouseover="save=document.bgColor;document.bgColor='Red'">Red</A> <A 
name=Green onmouseout=document.bgColor=save 
onmouseover="save=document.bgColor;document.bgColor='Green'">Green</A> <A 
name=Blue onmouseout=document.bgColor=save 
onmouseover="save=document.bgColor;document.bgColor='Blue'">Blue</A> </H2>

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>

<!-- Beginning of JavaScript -
document.writeln("<br>Last Modified at " + document.lastModified);
document.writeln("<br>This can be found at <tt>" + document.location + "</tt>");
document.writeln("<br><a href='" + document.referrer + "'>Back to Previous Page</a>");