CS 564 : Fall 2001 
Brain Theory and Artificial Intelligence 

Tu Th: 9:30-10:50 am; OHE 100 
Instructor: Prof. Michael A. Arbib
HNB-03, (213) 740-9220, arbib@pollux.usc.edu. 
(Office hours: 11-12 Tuesdays, HNB 03.) 

Teaching Assistants: Erhan Oztop, erhan@java.usc.edu
Salvador Marmol, smarmol@rana 
TA Hours: Appointment by email

FINAL: Dec. 11,  2001 11:00am-1:00pm, Tuesday (Note: local Remote Students MUST come to campus for all exams)

Final Topics


Pages for 1999 Course

Basic math material for the class (Word file)

NSL setup for the homeworks

Student Q & A

Grades (Midterm,Final,HW1,HW2)

Lecture Notes for 2000

Lecture Notes for 2001

Project Notes

Nsl Book Chapters


HW2 Hints and Additional info