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Project & Laboratory Activities

The course material will be covered both in lecture and in lab, and will be structured around the use of LEGO-based robot kits and the associated MIT Handy microprocessor boards. The kits allow for illustrating different robotics concepts, and experimenting with various sensors and controllers.

 Weekly required laboratory sessions will be held in OHE 240 throughout the semester. Given the size of the course, there are two lab session times; each student is required to choose one of those and attend it every week. The lab sessions are scheduled for 2 hours and 40 minutes. If needed, additional time in the lab can be arranged with the lab assistant and lab manager.

 The lab sessions will involve required structured exercises. The students will be required to complete each exercise in lab, and demonstrate it to the lab assistant and the rest of the class, when asked.

Homeworks/lab reports:

See "Assignments & Grading" for information on required weekly lab reports and the semester project report.

Lab Schedule

See "Lab Home Page"

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