CSCI 402 - Operating Systems

Student Code of Conduct

The official USC code of student conduct clearly discusses what is acceptable and not acceptable for submission of homework. It also states the penalties associated with various violations.

I would like to make it clear, that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to look at any other code or to submit any code that your group hasn't explicitly written. It doesn't matter what the source is - whether a friend, or whether found online. I usually don't run MOSS until after project 4 is submitted, so if you think you got away with something early in the semester, don't be fooled.

Why do I do MOSS? The class projects are challenging and pretty much everybody works their tail off getting them done - as best they can. It isn't fair to the students who are working hard to have someone (or some group) take shortcuts and receive a grade they don't deserve.

Since I've been regularly running MOSS for the last six years, and you have this significant warning, there will be NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED. If you are found cheating, you WILL receive an F for the course.

Project Assignments

  Description Due Date Instructions Last Regrade Request Date
 1  Thread Synchronization - simulation of a Doctor's Office
Only threads directory submitted.
6/8 Part 1
All about ddd
 2  Multiprogramming and System Calls
threads, test, and userprog directories submitted
6/22 Student Documentation
New Student Documentation
 3  Virtual Memory and Basic Networking
threads, userprog, test and network directories submitted
7/13 Introduction to Nachos Memory Management 7/24
 4  Distributed Systems
threads, userprog, test, filesys and network directories submitted
7/24   7/29