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Project: Crosswinds (Spring 2007)

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Crosswinds is a four player board game in which players can place or remove pieces from the playfield in order to direct a token into their goal to score points and ultimately win.

The token, at the beginning of the game, starts in the center of the board and is given a direction in which it will move. The game is made up of turns in which the active player may place their own game piece on the board or remove any piece that is already on the board. After the player has finalized their move then the token moves in its initial direction but may change its course depending on the pieces that have been layed out on the board. Then control of the board goes to the player who is to the left of the active player (clockwise rotation). On every subsequent turn the amount of spaces that the token moves increases by one thus making it harder and harder to control the movement of the token and increasing the chance that a player will score. Once the token enters a players goal, that player scores a point and the round starts again. All the pieces that were on the board stay on the board, however the token is placed in the center of the board and its speed is reset to the initial amount. Play then continues until a player wins 3 rounds and is proclaimed winner of the entire game.

Crosswinds was inspired by a board game called Standoff, designed and tested by Timothy Jones and Mario Sanchez at USC in the CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop in Fall 2006.


Crosswinds screenshot

Screenshot at begining of the game from Red player perspective: a disk whose color matches that of the active player shows the current token position, a (blinking) gray dashed line and disk indicate the motion path and predicted position of the token.

Crosswinds screenshot

Screenshot of four networked player systems (running on the same machine for the purpose of this screenshot); each player sees the board from their own perspective (clockwise from top left: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow).

Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot Crosswinds screenshot

Screenshots of a play sequence (from Red player perspective).




Pictures taken by Nathan Greenfield on April 24, 2007 during the final demonstration.

Group picture

Left to Right, back: Dan, Roger Gary
Left to Right, front: Charlene, Brandon, Tim, Noel, Keith, Alex

Group picture

Left to Right: Roger, Gary, Charlene, Dan, Noel, Tim




The source code (and Visual Studio 2003 project files) for Crosswinds are stored in Subversion server managed by the Gamepipe lab. The Crosswinds directory should be placed in the MFSM_0.8_NET directory which contains all the necessary elements to compile and run the project.

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