CSCI 104 – Summer 2014 Data Structures and Object Oriented Design


Lab sessions are held every week and will be conducted by a team of TAs and Sherpas. Labs are designed to provide you with basic knowledge and assistance in using the development tools you need to practice the use of data structures.

The programming portion of each homework also needs to be approved by a TA or sherpa in lab, either in its final or a near-final form. Typically, you will do this by explaining your solution for a few minutes in lab the week following the due date. However, if you had a close-to-finished version during the previous week (and it is clear from the code that it hasn't changed much), then discussing your code in the previous lab's week satisfies this requirement. You will get a zero on your assignment if you don't check your code with us in lab.

Lab Rules

  1. You are to attend that lab you are registered for. Attending earlier or later labs is not allowed without explicit permission from one of the TAs.

Lab Schedule

Lab 01 Git Tutorial; Course VM
Lab 02 Git & Debugging
Lab 03 Makefiles
Lab 04 Templates and Exceptions
Lab 05 Qt
Lab 06 Qt (cont.)
Lab 07 Valgrind and Designing Class Hierarchy
Lab 08 Doxygen & Qt Animation
Lab 09 Git for Teams
Lab 10 Sorting Competition