CSCI 102 - Spring 2013Data Structures


CS 101 Review Lectures

CS 101 Review Lecture Slides (Zip file)

Lecture Slides

Overview (week 1)

C++ Library Reference Video (Watch for Mon./Tues. January 21/22 lecture)

Lists 1 (week 2)

Exceptions and Templates (week 3)

Operator Overloading (week 3)

g++, Mutlifile compilation, Conditional Compilation, and Makefiles

Intermission -- Review

Linked Lists

Copy Constructors & Assignment Operator Overloading


Stacks, Queues, and Deques

Graph Traversals: BFS, DFS, Betweeness-Centrality

Polymorphism, Virtual functions, and Abstract Classes


Documentation & Doxygen

Searching and Sorting

Standard Template Library (Iterators, Maps, and Sets)

A-Star Algorithm

Qt Intro

Qt Tic-Tac-Toe

Binary Trees, Priority Queues, and Heaps

Balanced Binary Search Trees

2-3-4 Trees & Red-Black Trees

Creating GUIs with Qt (and PA4 hints)

Hash Tables and Functions

Graphs Revisited (Representation, DFS, SSSP)

Qt Game

Advanced C++ (Part 1)

Advanced C++ (Part 2)