Corey Chen

3rd year undergraduate pursuing a double degree at USC in Computer Science and Applied and Computational Mathematics


  • MadCalc

    Demo project used at SoCal .NET User Group Presentation November 2015 - “Building Extensible .NET Applications: Strategy and Techniques” GitHub

    3 ways to add .NET functionality after compilation - plug-ins, reflection, code generation

  • CSCI350 Operating Systems "PintOS" Project

    Implemented/extended existing functionality in multi-threading, user programs, virtual memory, and file systems. Source code available upon request. (2016)

  • CSCI201 Final Team Project - Cards Against Humanity

    Created an online version of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. Source code available upon request. (2015)

  • Using N-Grams to Analyze User Interaction Sequences

    Submission for Siemens Research Competition. (2013)

  • USC Presidential Scholar
  • USC Programming Contest Spring 2016 1st place
  • ACM Programming Contest Fall 2015 13th/97 teams
  • SoCal .NET User Group Speaker November 2015 – “Building Extensible .NET Applications: Strategy and Techniques” GitHub
  • HackerRank Week of Code 23 Contest 33/10493, top 3 in the U.S. (Leaderboard) September 2016
  • Codility Indeed Prime 3 Coding Contest August 6-7 2016 (Leaderboard) 13th/870, top 10 in the U.S.

This semester, I am a course producer for:

  • CSCI 270 Introduction to Algorithms and Theory of Computing (Piazza)

Previously, I was a course producer for:

Coursework (Upper-level)

GPA: 3.8/4
  • CSCI499 - Theory of Computation
  • CSCI670 - Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSCI360 - Introduction to Aritifical Intelligence (In Progress)
  • CSCI310 - Software Engineering (In Progress)
  • MATH499 - Mathematics of Machine Learning
  • CSCI350 - Introduction to Operating Systems


Above is a picture of me (left) and my brother (right) in our recent visit to Japan.

I'm a competitor. I enjoy playing League of Legends, the piano, and ping pong.