Cheng Li

My name is Cheng Li, I am a current graduate student at University of Southern California majored in computer science. As a citizen during the network era, I have witnessed the great power of computer science. Deeply attracted by these sophisticated yet delicate systems, I aspire to become a leading specialist in this area and have been constantly striving toward that goal. My great passion for innovation and my competence in handling complex tasks endow me with the confidence that computer science is the right career path for me.

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USC Map System2013

Stock Search2014

Media Based Query & Search2014

A Content-based Image Retrieval(CBIR) app that implements Speed-Up Robust Feature(SURF). This app detects objects inside real word pictures, for example, detecting a deformed Starbucks logo in a shopping mall picture

JPEG DCT coder and decoder2014

Compress .rgb images into JPEG format and simulate decoding using baseline mode or progressive mode for data delivery