Meet Shelby!

Josh Chung's CS101 Robot

Meet Shelby, the Scribbler S2 Robot. After two long weeks of failing to connect to my MacBook, he finally listens to my commands. He still sometimes he makes my computer kernel panic and crash to a black screen but I still love him nonetheless. I named him Shelby because he looks like a shell and I'm a horribly uncreative person when it comes to things like this.

Archive of In Class Assignments

September 2012

October 2012

Major Projects/Labs

HW #1: Robot's Got Talent!

HW #2: The Robot Games & HW 3: USAR

HW #4: Mars Aliens

About Me

Hello friends! My name is Josh Chung and I'm looking forward to learning Computer Science this semester! I hail from Cerritos, California, a suburb about 25 miles southeast of USC. I'm currently a Computer Science/Business Administration major thinking of possibly picking up a minor in Music Recording. Music is one of my biggest loves. I love playing piano, guitar, drums, and ukelele, as well as listening to all sorts of different music. I also enjoy DJing - I think it's the perfect blend of music and technology into an art form. I'm a big fan of Laker basketball, Angels baseball, and of course, USC Trojans football! I'm looking forward to the next four years at this school a lot. Fight on!


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