Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Crank. Crank moves at a staggering small amount of distance per second per command, and it can even play music!

About Me

I like computer science for the freedom it offers in creating individualized and personal solutions to problems. This summer, I honed my instrumental skills and sang a lot. Music is actually a really big part of my life.

Group members for September 4, 2012:

Timothy So Graham Gier

Carmen Tan Jesus Garcia

Progress on September 4

Group members for September 6, 2012:

Timothy So Graham Gier

Carmen Tan

Progress on September 6, 2012

Today we tested out the IR line sensor located underneath the robot. We managed to construct programs demonstrating that the sensors were receiving input, and all four of us used that input to create a "safety net" for the robots stoping them from driving off the edge. Graham used my computer to test his robot and Carmen used Tim's to test hers.

Group members for September 7, 2012

Timothy So Graham Gier

Carmen Tan

Progress on September 7, 2012

Today, we wrote programs to retrieve input from the four types of sensors on our Robots: the two sets of IR sensors, the line sensors, and the photosensors. All four of us were successful in running our programs after Carmen and Graham troubleshot their computers.

Sensor Observations

IR sensors on the Fluke outputs in multiples of 640 from 640-6400, with the higher number reflecting a closer distance.

Photosensors output in ranges from the low 1000's to the high 65000's with the lower numbers being brighter.

Here is some data collected from all four members of the group.


Graham Jeffrey Tim Carmen
Ambient 65284, 65400, 65287 64777, 64825, 65149 64879, 64609, 64829 65155, 65144, 65181
Chair 65408, 65402, 65406 65155, 65059, 65276 65408, 65408, 65408 65281, 65266, 65282
Bright 3343, 3138, 3435 1408, 1720, 1710 2197, 2815, 1940 61645,2415,41626


Graham Jeffrey Tim Carmen
6/7 in. 15 in. 9 in. 11 in.


Graham Jeffrey Tim Carmen
One Square 6400, 6400, 6400 6400, 6400, 6400 6400, 6400, 6400 6400, 6400, 6400
Two Squares 3200, 3200, 4480 5760, 6400, 6400 5760, 5760, 5120 5120, 5120, 5120
Three Squares 1920, 1280, 2560 2560, 2560, 3200 1280, 1920, 640 5120, 4480, 6400

September 20,2012

Here's the Fibonacci Spiral we created!

Group members: Carmen Tan, Tim So, Graham Gier


Robots Got Talent Assignment

Here's a picture of Crank's art exhibition :).

Here's my code!

Prelab Questions

1)It will sing song of storms just by going through a sequence of seamless robot.beep commands.

2)Crank will draw a heart with a sequence of robot.motor commands.

3)Crank’s surprise ability will be a guard dog like functionality. It will move randomly then seek out anything in the range of the rear IR sensors. Once something enters the sensor, the while loop will break, Crank will emit tones, and the robot will stop.

4)The algorithm will be a routine that the robot goes through with each task separated by a wait command.

September 27, 2012

We worked with the Braitenburg robots today, including the Alive, Aggressive, and Coward models. My group members (Carmen, Graham, and Tim like before) and I also had to experiment with additional models, so I chose the Paranoid model. The paranoid model is a light seeking robot that moves forward when it detects light and turns when it does not. Through a combination of while and if loops, I managed to get the robot to turn and move fluidly once a light was shined into its forward facing light sensor.

Code for the Braitenburg robots behaviors

November 15, 2012

Answers to Pre-Lab: 1) Record photos and have users parse data for use.

2) Robot will move according to user input then stop and take pictures, allowing the user to judge what to do next.

3)We take pictures and edit the pictures to draw boxes around lost scribblers.

4)We're going to use pen and paper


Timothy So Graham Gier

Carmen Tan

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