Theodora Chaspari


PhD student
USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering
Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL)
Advisor: Prof. Shrikanth Narayanan

Mail: 3740 McClintock Ave. EEB 400
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2560
Phone: (213) 740-3477

Research Interests:
Human behavior is a complex and constantly changing phenomenon with a large variability of expressions. It is affected by the individuals’ personal traits and the external stimuli from the interacting environment. Signal processing techniques can provide efficient and robust measures to help quantify and understand both typical and atypical contextualizations of human behavior. My research interests lie in the area of Behavioral Signal Processing (BSP) targeting to develop informative models of behavioral data from overt (speech, language) but also covert (physiology) cues using machine learning and signal processing techniques.