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I have never made any sort of web pages outside of some stuff here and there with iWeb, so be gentle with my products for the time being.


Previously, I was using a mishmash of KompoZer and TextWrangler, but after many hours of trial and error, I have finally found Adobe Muse.  I'm currently on the trail version of Muse, but if it does what I need it to for the final product, I'll more than likely buy a full version for my personal use.  What I've seen so far makes it very easy to understand the concepts I've struggled with, so, with simplicity in mind, it seems to be well worth it. 


This is the second iteration of this page/site, so I won't be delving too deep in what this page should look like and will be mainly focusing on the completion of my final project.

here is a map of my first hike. click the trail line for more information. this will be the foundation of my final project.

View Anthem Trails - 62S in a larger map

I went for a hike last week after meeting with Dr. Swift and used Motion-X GPS to track my movements. The app works really well considering it was in my back pocket during the entire trip. I was planning on using my Garmin 62s for the project, and still may, but at least I know that this data, along with the KML files that can be downloaded straight from the app, are going to be accurate enough for the needs of my final project.


If you don't already have Motion-X GPS, I highly recommend it.  Check out more info on it below.

this page belongs to me, carlos martinez, for use during the spring 2013 semester of

ssci 591: web gis

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