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About Me

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department at University of Southern California where I have been doing research with Professor Murali Annavaram in the Super Computing in Pocket (SCIP) research group since spring 2008. My expected graduation date is December 2012.
I’m interested in design and evaluation of architectural and microarchitectural frameworks to improve performance, power efficiency, and reliability of computer systems. Design of adaptive heterogeneous multicore systems is also one the areas of research which I’m interested in.
As part my doctorate research, I’ve used my background in both computer system architecture and VLSI circuits to design, implement, and evaluate innovative cross-layer frameworks to improve processor reliability while maintaining high performance and energy efficiency. I’ve designed (micro)architectural hardware techniques and algorithms to increase microprocessor reliability and correlate management of power, performance, and reliability in many-core systems.

** My Main Expertise **
Cross-layer Computer Systems Design, Advanced Computer Systems Architecture, VLSI Circuit Design, Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems, Modeling using Matlab, Power and Performance Evaluations using Processor Simulators, FPGA Prototyping.

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