Ben Brock

Benjamin Brock is a Masterís Student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. In his professional life he is a geospatial software engineer who spends most of his time using various machine learning techniques to extract geospatial information from a wide variety of non-traditional information. Most recently he has done work in computer vision and deep learning to detect objects in openly available geo-referenced photography, including social media, as well as aerial and space-based image sources. He was previously a geospatial analyst who conducted a wide variety of military and defense-oriented modeling and analysis, with an emphasis on non-traditional methods and data sources. Prior to that he was a counterterrorism targeter who used a range of both openly available and sensitive data sources, both spatial and non-spatial, to locate and track high profile international terrorists as part of a special operations task force based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His interests include computer vision, machine learning, and agent-based modeling. He is a father of two, and in his not-so-free time he enjoys competitive powerlifting, working on cars, and snowboarding.


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