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I am a Master student in USC. My major is Electrical Engineering (Computer Network). Most of my courses are related to computer networks and computer science.

Before I came to USC, I spent my undergraduate time in Beijing Jiaotong University, studied Power electronics and Wind power.

I began to do coding work during my undergraduate. After I became an EE student in USC, I got used to everyday's programming work, and fell in love with coding. I think IT Technology was, is and will keep changing the way people study, work and live. It is fantastic to become a software engineer.

I am looking forward to work @Amazon as a software engineer now.



Skype: weiwuwei001

Mobile: 213-880-4957

Address: 1201 W 37th PL

         Los Angeles, CA




University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

M.S. Electrical Engineering (Expected May, 2013)

Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, CHN

B.S. Electrical Engineering, July, 2011

No.1 Middle School affiliated to Central China Normal University, Wuhan, CHN

Intern Experience

  • Cameral Control Project, Enzhi Info-Tech Corporation (written in C++)
    Developed a software which can control the connected camera such as power on/off, zoom wide/tele, rotate/tilt towards a certain direction with a certain speed by using PelcoD protocol.
  • Network Time Protocol Project, Enzhi Info-Tech Corporation (written in C++)
    Develop a software which is able to sychronize time clock among different devices by using NTP protocol.
  • Video Code Send and Receive Project, Enzhi Info-Tech Corporation (written in C++)
    This project can send video information from one device to another by using socket programming so that the reciver can play the video.

Selected Course Projects

  • Linux multithreads projects, Weenix kernel project in OS course (written in C)
    Token-bucket emulator and implementation for processes and threads, Virtual file system, virtual memory in Weenix kernel.(Rank top1 in the class)
  • Game Playing Project (written in C++)
    Given a current board conguration of checker game, use minimax with alpha-beta pruning to determine the next move that will maximize the chance of winning for a certain player.
  • Android Search and Post app (written in JAVA)
    Send the search request from a android mobile phone to a website, well-display the search result in phone and can post the information on Facebook by using this app.
  • Battle City Game Project (Written in JAVA))
    Developed a Game which is similar to the well-known Battle City Game. The hero tank can be controlled through keyboard and the enemy tanks will try to destroy the hero tank.
  • Different algorithms (written in python)
    Realize different algorithms such as DFS, BFS, quick-sort, merge-sort, Kruskal,Max-Flow (Ford-Fulkerson).
  • Queuing modern emulator such as M/M/n (written in C++)


  • Proficient in C,C++,JAVA, shell. Familiar with python, PHP, Javascript, Perl, Prolog, PLC.
  • Familiar with mySQL, ORACLE, etc.
  • Familiar with computer network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, IEEE802.11,etc.
  • Familiar with web technologies such as JSP, AJAX, XML, JSON, HTML5, JAVA SERVLET,TOMCAT,etc.
  • Familiar with Version Control with Version Control with Subversion, GitHub.
  • Familiar with Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux(Ubuntu).
  • Familiar with different Design Patterns.
  • Skilled in Android app development
  • Knowledge of MapReduce(Hadoop) (Keep studying now).
  • Good communication skills in verbal and written English


  • Graduate (Complete)
    • EE-450 Introduction to Computer Networks (2011 Fall)
    • EE-465 Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling (2011 Fall)
    • EE-555 Broadband network architectures (2012 Spring)
    • EE-532 Wireless Internet and Pervasive Computing(2013 Spring)
    • EE-597 Wireless Networks(2013 Spring)
    • CSCI-571 Web Technologies(2012 Spring)
    • CSCI-570 Analysis of Algorithms (2012 Spring)
    • CSCI-402 Operating Systems (2011 Fall)
    • CSCI-561 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (2011 Fall)
  • Undergraduate (Core)
    • The C programming language
    • Analog Electronic Technology
    • Basis of Electric Power System
    • Circuits
    • Digital Electronic Technology
    • Electrical Machinery
    • Automatic Control Theory
    • Engineering Electromagnetic Field
    • Signals and Systems
    • Technology of Power Electronics
    • Wind Generator Group and Control
    • Wind Farm Construction & Lightning Protection

Awards and Honors

  • National Excellent Project in the University Students' Innovative Experimental Activity held by Beijing Jiaotong University
  • 1st Prize in the Electric Cup of Beijing Jiaotong University
  • 2nd Prize of Innovation Works of National Engineering Physics Base
  • 3rd Prize in the Challenge Cup of Beijing Jiaotong University
  • 2nd-class Scholarship of Beijing Jiaotong University (top%10)
  • Excellent Individual in Social Practice of Beijing Jiaotong University


  • Hui Huang, Bo Yi, "Electromagnetic Wave Propagating in Gyroelectric Slab in the Perpendicular Configuration", Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium 2011 in Marrakesh
  • Bo Yi, Hui Huang, "The Application in Spacecraft of High Temperature. Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage", Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium 2011 in Marrakesh
  • Bo Yi, Miao Zhang, "The Instrument of High Sensitive Alarm for Vibrating", Technology Wind. ISSN1671-7341: No. 156, P258 (09/25/2010)
  • This program is to sense the vibration signal by the Glory (optical phenomenon) vibrometer (send the signal reflected by the water to the photosensitive switch), then send the signal to SCM and issue a warning after judgment.
  • Haipeng Liu, Bo Yi, "The Study of the Power of the Low Temperature Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure", China Science and Technology Information. ISSN1001-8972: No. 407, P48-49 (09/15/2010)
  • This study aimed to get the method of generating stable glow discharge under the atmospheric pressure by researching the characteristics of atmospheric glow discharge.


     In my spare time, I like reading different kinds of humanities books, watching movies and lectures. These hobbies give me a chance to see the world through other people's eyes. The experience also make me believe that the beauty of the world is its diversity.

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