Biliang Hu

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Stephen V. Fiacco, Yonatan Peleg, Terry T. Takahashi, Bilang Hu, Shannon M. Howell, Pin Wang, and Richard W. Roberts. 2012.
    Directed Evolution of a Stable Peptide for Oral Delivery. (In progress)
  2. Yarong Liu, Victoria Fox, Yuning Lei, Biliang Hu, Kye-Il Joo, Pin Wang.
    Synthetic Niches for Directed Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Bypassing Embryoid Body Formation. (Submitted)
  3. Muxun Zhao, Biliang Hu, Zhen Gu, Kye-ll Joo, Pin Wang, Yi Tang.
    Degradable Polymeric Nanocapsule for Efficient Intracellular Delivery of a High Molecular Weight Tumor-Selective Protein Complex.
    Nano Today, Available online 1 February 2013
  4. ZHAO, M., BISWAS, A., HU, B., JOO, K.I., WANG, P., GU, Z., & TANG, Y.
    Redox-responsive nanocapsules for intracellular protein delivery.
    Biomaterials, 32(22), 5223-5230 (2011)
  5. YANG, H.G., HU, B.L., XIAO, L., & WANG, P.
    Dendritic cell-directed lentivector vaccine induces antigen-specific immune responses against murine melanoma.
    Cancer Gene Ther, 18(5), 370-380 (2011)
  6. HU, B., TAI, A., & WANG, P.
    Immunization delivered by lentiviral vectors for cancer and infectious diseases.
    Immunol Rev, 239(1), 45-61 (2011)
  7. HU, B., DAI, B., & WANG, P.
    Vaccines delivered by integration-deficient lentiviral vectors targeting dendritic cells induces strong antigen-specific immunity.
    Vaccine, 28(41), 6675-6683 (2010)
  8. GU, Z., BISWAS, A., JOO, K.I., HU, B., WANG, P., & TANG, Y.
    Probing protease activity by single-fluorescent-protein nanocapsules.
    Chem Commun (Camb), 46(35), 6467-6469 (2010)
  9. GU, Z., YAN, M., HU, B., JOO, K.I., BISWAS, A., HUANG, Y., LU, Y., WANG, P., & TANG, Y.
    Protein nanocapsule weaved with enzymatically degradable polymeric network.
    Nano Lett, 9(12), 4533-4538 (2009)
  10. DAI, B., YANG, L., YANG, H., HU, B., BALTIMORE, D., & WANG, P.
    HIV-1 Gag-specific immunity induced by a lentivector-based vaccine directed to dendritic cells.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 106(48), 20382-20387 (2009)
  11. HU, B., YANG, H., DAI, B., TAI, A., & WANG, P.
    Nonintegrating lentiviral vectors can effectively deliver ovalbumin antigen for induction of antitumor immunity.
    Hum Gene Ther, 20(12), 1652-1664 (2009)
  12. XIA, J., LIU, W., HU, B., TIAN, Z., & YANG, Y.
    IL-15 promotes regulatory T cell function and protects against diabetes development in NK-depleted NOD mice.
    Clin Immunol, 134(2), 130-139 (2009)

Conference Proceedings

  1. HU, B.L., WANG, P.
    In vivo immunization with integration deficient lentiviral vectors.
    American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) at Washington DC, Poster (2010)


    Stephen V. Fiacco, Richard W. Roberts, Biliang Hu
  1. Oral bioavailability and membrane permeability by small molecule conjugation.
    USC file number 12-068, patent number 61/530,372
  2. High Throughput peptidomimetic selection derives functional molecules against Her-2.
    USC file number 12-069, patent number 61/530,352

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