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Who am I?

The world was plagued with hacky code. Amidst darkest times, when everyone had given up hope, a hero emerged; a new Hero of Justice!? That...did not happen.

Well, actually I am a CS geek who likes to find ways of solving real life problems. That's what drives me! I like to develop softwares and solutions to make everyone's lives better. Whether it involves building websites, crafting a Physics engine for a game, planning the motion of a Robot using inverse kinematics, or writing an OS almost from scratch!

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current and past positions
  • And Researcher

    A Joint research position working on establishing interoperbility of CAD models.

  • USC AUV: Software Dev

    Working with the software team of USC AUV [ uscauv ] where I am working on designing parts of the software stack for the Robosub 2017, the annual international competition at San Diego by AUVSI.

  • Fashion Blog: Web Dev

    Revamping the site [ stylebyraychic ] by builing a custom Wordpress theme.

  • Apps Dev

    Handled Development and upgrades of Oracle Cloud CRM; previously RightNow CRM.

  • Software Developer

    Worked with navigation, task planning, mapping, developing better UI for the 3rd series of Matsya vehicles developed by the AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) team of IIT Bombay [ auv-iitb.org ].

  • TA and Web Dev

    Updated and maintained the CSRE website [ link ]. Taken up GIS labs and exams. Voluntarily conducted training for Java [ see slides ] which led to two students getting placed in Oracle.

  • Systems Engineer

    Worked in Business Intelligence. Administered most areas of a typical data warehouse and developed dashboards and reports for visualizing data.

Areas of Interest

Artificial Intelligence
Game Engine Dev
Information Integration
Operating Systems
Machine Learning
Web Devlopment
Image Processing
Embedded Systems
Software Development
Semantic Web

Assembly x86
C / C++
NoSQL (Mongo DB)
Shell (Unix/Windows)

ROS(Robot Operating System)
Angular (Web)
jQuery (Web)
Bootstrap (Web)
Materialize (Web)
Wordpress (Web)
Qt (C++)
Boost (C++)
PCL (C++)
OpenCV (C++)
pthread (C++)
Java SE, EE, Swing
Java GWT
Java FX
Raspberry Pi
Open Refine
crfutils (py)
dedupe (py)
beautifulsoup (py)
  • University of Southern California: MS in CS

    After working with Oracle for a while, I felt that I needed much deeper understanding of the core concepts of CS that were getting too popular like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Kernel Development (Android), Semantic Web and many others. Thus, I decided to apply for the Master's program at USC and was offered admission. Since then, I have taken a deeper look at Algorithms, Robotics, Web Information Integration, Operating Systems, and Game Engine Development and each course has been an amazing experience so far. During my first semester, my team won one of the first prizes in CalTech Hackathon. See [ Project Fullerene ] for details.

  • Application Developer: Oracle Corporation

    After my Masters at IITB, I was ready to face the corporate world once again and I was really excited to have a full time offer from Oracle Corporation. My work here involved developing tools for upgrading customer sites from one environment to another. The work revolved around Web App development mostly using customizations on CodeIgniter framework and a custom database wrapper, called ROQL, an Object query language to do most of the tasks. Ocasionally, I also dealt with Addins devlopment using the .NET framework.

  • IIT Bombay : MS in GeoInformatics

    The days of IIT Bombay were one of the most memorable in my life. Getting into this prestigious institute is the dream of every Indian enginner. And given this opportunity, I decided to focus my areas of interest in Geo-spatial domain. Image processing of Satellite Images, GIS, Inteoperability, Artificial Intelligence, Web App development, Virtualization and Cloud computing, Semantic Web, Control Systems, Advanced Networks were some of the areas which interested me, during my study here. I also volunteered for a year and a half towards helping a team of students to build an Autonomous Underwater Robot, known as AUV IITB [ auv-iitb.org ]. Life at IIT Bombay was a truely unique and unparalleled experience.

  • Systems Enginner: Tata Consultancy Services

    Working here was a great way to learn more about corporate culture and the people of the IT industry in India. I learnt a lot in the process. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing were the areas I was trained at. I also learned of how to make sense of the historical data in the warehouse by writing reports. Additionally, I worked in the admin team, so besides dvelopment work, I needed to ensure that the servers were working under optimum conditions. Although, I could not work for too long here, it was a great experience to a fresher. It also led to a smoooth transition back from Corporate to Acedemia.

  • Mumbai University: BS in Computer Science

    This is where it all started. Here, I studied a range of core topics like multimedia design, databases, computer networks, security, theory of computer science and software enginering. I also volunteered to build two websites fot the college from scratch viz "Online Treasure Hunt - where students find clues and solve a series of problems in 24 hrs." and "Codovanza - A competetive coding platform inspired by SPOJ". I also gave off many seminars and few workshops on Robotics, Linux, Rubic's Cube and Graphics. During the final year my team and I worked on a government funded project, "E-Yantra" [ view Website ] from IIT Bombay, where we succesfully completed our project. Check out the site [ here ] and watch the video [ Link to Video ] On the completion of my BS, I had few months before the job start date and I decided to learn and understand some of my favourite topics in more detail.

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