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    • Patents
    1. CN920100096 / US13283795:        Building Controllable Clairvoyance Device In Device In Virtual World. 1st author.
    2. CN9-2010-0078 / US:        Generalizing Text Content Summary from Speech Content. 1st author.
    3. CN8-2010-0017 / US:        A method for building a Mobile Cloud Service of Memo delivery. 1st author.
    4. CN8-2009-0528 / US:        A load-aware method to sensor cloud environment using dynamic instructions pattern. 1st author.
    5. CN8-2008-0844 / US920080243:           Method and Apparatus for Propagating Context Information on Web Server. co-author 
    6. CN8-2010-0060:        An activation-free method to deploy virtual solution. co-author
    7. CN8-2010-0048:        Method to simplify pre-building software stack in virtual image templates.
    8. CN8-2010-0020:        Method of automated and coordinated virtual solution activation. co-author
    9. CN8-2010-0008:        Method of accelerating application deployment in cloud using controllable distribution
    10. CN8-2010-0007:        An apparatus and method for generating configurable and controllable digital plants in virtual world
                                             using multi-layers control model and fractal technology.
    11. CN8-2009-0496:        Method for concealing problem characteristics when using cloud computing service. co-author
    12. CN8-2009-0492:        Method of integrated billing in cloud environments. co-author
    13. CN8-2009-0003:        A Method and Apparatus to Generate Compile Time Error for Distributed Development. co-author
    14. CN8-2008-1135:        A method and software apparatus for handling unwanted sending of email messages in an organization.
    15. CN8-2008-0849:        A business-people-consumable method and apparatus for rule or policy configuration. co-author
    16. CN8-2008-0680:        A Method to Generate Human Knowledge based CAPTCH.
    17. CN8-2008-0840:        Method and System of web outsourcing based multi parties’ collaborative requirements negotiation.
    18. CN8-2008-0721:        A Method and Apparatus to Collaborative Defect Resolution Using a Cache Repository. co-author 
    19. CN8-2008-0625:        A virtual currency based rule-based and event-driven incentive method. co-author
    20. CN8-2007-0300:        Using a Light-weight Centralized Role based User Mapping Mechanism for Distributed Authentication
                                             and Authorization. co-author