University of Southern California
University of Southern CaliforniaComputer EngineeringUSC Viterbi School of EngineeringUniversity of Southern California
Android Mobile Application in Java using Facebook SDK (Web Technologies)

Built an Android application that allows a user to login to Facebook and enter a zip code, and displays the corresponding weather information, which can then be posted on the user’s wall along with a picture. Used the Android SDK in an Eclipse development environment



HTML/JavaScript/XML/Java/Perl/JSON/AJAX/REST and Linux Command Line (Web Technologies)

Leveraged HTML related technologies to build personal web pages; transformed the content of an XML document to an HTML page; used PERL, PERL regular expressions and CGI programming to generate, access, display and analyze HTML pages; practiced AJAX, JSON, REST and XML technologies to search and display weather predictions;

AJAX/JSON/Java and Facebook Mashup (Web Technologies)

Developed a web application that takes as input a person’s zip code, which when passed to as a REST query, returns a JSON string containing the person’s weather information. The information is displayed in tables using JavaScript, and is also uploaded to the person’s Facebook profile as a wall post. Used a Jakarta Tomcat server to handle the Java Servlet that retrieves the query string and returns the JSON result

Google Maps Emulation – Spatial Databases (Database Systems)

Designed an application that queries spatial databases from a given map using Oracle 11g, Oracle Spatial features and Java (JDBC); Conferences information with the cities can be shown on the map, utilizing an interactive GUI.

SQL/DB/JAVA/GUI/XSL/XML (Database Systems)

Wrote SQL scripts to execute database queries; used an ER schema to build a database in Oracle and wrote a JAVA GUI project that supports Graphical Query Language (GQL) and enables user interactions. Wrote XSL style sheets and XML parsers that read the XML data and populate the HTML pages

2010 - Now,  Smart Grid Project, USC’s Electrical Engineering Department

R&D technologies of cloud computing and streams computing to identify problems and emerging innovations for smart grid systems; built a prototype to demonstrate the large-scale data computing.

2009 - 2010, IBM WebSphere Cloudburst Project, CRL’s Cloud Computing Team

R&D technologies to build and manage virtual machines in IBM’s cloud environment, including automatically creating customized virtual images, deploying virtual images and machines to IBM’s web sphere cloud, OS automation and OVF extension.

2008 - 2009, PANGOO Project, The 1st IBM China Cloud Computing Platform, Web Service Building Team

Designed and developed an application of Software as a Service (SaaS); deployed the first real case of SaaS into the IBM’s cloud computing platform called “PANGOO”.

2007 - 2008, IBM Digital Motivation Service Project, CRL’s Web Service Building Technology Team

R&D the IBM CRL DCM (Digital Currency Management ) & DMS (Digital Motivation Service Project) systems; applied them to motivate employees to take part in the activities of CRL Open House Day and IBM Idea Jam.

2006 - 2007 , IBM PROFIT, An Business Intelligence Project, IBM Business Analysis and Optimization Team

Proposed algorithms and built a DEMO system of load forecasting and optimization based on mathematics modeling.

2004 - 2006 ,  Two China NSF Projects on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, WUHAN University

Proposed a data mining model, a prototype and algorithms to explore Uncertain Artificial Intelligence (UAI) with machine learning; applied the discoveries to mine WWW backbone topology from thousands of Internet nodes.