Q: I've never danced before. Is that ok?
A: For every style of dance there is a beginner and an intermediate class. No experience is needed for the beginner class!

Q: I've been dancing for a while. Do I have to take the beginner class?
A: We ask that all of our dancers start in the beginner class. We do have an invite-only intermediate class for our advanced dancers.

Q: What is the lesson schedule for the semester?
A: Each semester we learn a total of four dances, two in Smooth and two in Latin. Our schedule is in the bar on the right. After spending the first half of the semester on one Smooth and one Latin dance, we switch to a different dance in each style for the second half.

Q: I have a schedule conflict for one class, is it OK to only come to the other?
A: Smooth and Latin classes are separate, so you don't have to go to both.

Q: How much do the lessons cost?
A: Lessons are $80 per term, and cover both Smooth and Latin dance styles.


Q: Where and when are the competitions?
A: Competitions generally are in the spring semester, during weekends. They take place at other colleges such as UCSD and Stanford. Some competitions last a day and some take the whole weekend.

Q: Who do we compete against?
A: You and your dance partner compete against other couples from different colleges.

Q: I don't have a dance partner. Is that OK?
A: Don't worry; if you don't have a partner, we will match you up with someone.

Q: How good do you have to be to compete?
A: There are many levels you can compete in depending on your level of experience (newcomer, bronze, silver, gold). The newcomer level is for people that just started dancing this year!

Q: How much do competitions cost?
A: College competitions usually have a registration fee of about $30 per person, plus food and gas on road trips.


Q: Are dance shoes necessary?
A: Beginner students are not required to have dance shoes. However, as with any sport, having the right equipment makes a huge difference; we highly recommend obtaining appropriate dance shoes (our intermediate students are required to have or obtain dance shoes). The team will arrange one or two "shoe runs" at the beginning of each semester, where we carpool to the warehouse of Very Fine Dance Shoes. USC team members receive a discount at this store, bringing the cost of shoes to approximately $50. More options and information regarding dance shoes can be found here.

Q: Do I need to buy costumes for competitions?
A: For college level competitions, costumes are not necessary, and are not allowed at the newcomer and bronze levels. For men, we recommend wearing black pants and a nice button-down shirt. Women should wear a skirt or dress (similar to what you would wear to a wedding or formal school dance for Smooth, or what you would wear to a club or party for Latin).

Q: What should I wear to class?
A: There is no dress code required for classes, but please wear something comfortable. We get a range from people in gym clothes to those ready to go to a party. For the latin style of dances, tighter, more form-fitting clothing would be preferable to make sure that hip and body movement is done correctly. At higher levels, ladies should consider wearing skirts appropiate to the style of dance for practice. Please do not wear flip-flops, sandals, or anything that can slide off your feet.

Fall 2015 Classes
Rhythm: Mondays starting Aug. 31
Cha-cha, Rumba
7pm - 9pm
Location: PED Group Exercise Room (Basement)
Smooth: Wednesdays starting Sept. 2
Foxtrot, Tango
9pm - 11pm
Location: PED South Gym (2nd floor)
Open Practice
Friday: 7pm - 9pm PED Basement