About Me

I received my Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles in May 2016. Currently I live and work in Santa Monica.


I spend my free time coding, doodling, cooking, reading and gaming. Below are links to media that interest me.

Terry Fox Cancer Run

The Terry Fox Run Chennai is an annual event that promotes the cause of cancer research through a non-motorized sporting activity like running, walking or cycling. This event is anchored by Rotary Club of Madras East. Read More here!

League of Legends

I am a big fan of e-Sports and actively follow League of Legends games, players and events. I rarely play online but if I am online, feel free to hit me up! My IGN is TwoPunchMan


I've grown up watching and continue to watch, Anime. Sometimes, Japanese cartoons have better story, characters and even emotions than the best of the Oscars. Also, for those of you who noticed my IGN, I'm a huge One Punch Man fan! I've started to maintain an MAL account. Check it out here!