Ashish Jain

MS CS student at USC


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Internship experience in Intel Labs - Surveyed the emerging area of large scale machine learning (Graphlab and Apache Giraph), implemented ML algorithms in Giraph
Past courses - Brain Theory and Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Statistical Inference, Natural Language Processing, Analysis of Algorithms, Scientific Computing, Distributed and Cloud Computing.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

MS, Computer Science, Aug 2012 - Dec 2013(expected), GPA:3.7/4

National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

BTech, Computer Science, Aug 2006 - April 2010, GPA:8.4/10


Graphlab/Apache Giraph
Windows/Visual Studio

Work Experience

Intel Labs Hillsboro, USA

Graduate Intern

Surveyed the emerging area of large scale distributed machine learning (GraphLab, Giraph, etc.), and
Implemented ML algorithms in a graph engine framework (Apache Giraph)

National Instruments R&D Bangalore, India

Software Engineer

Architected and developed asynchronous frameworks for an help system; used by internal and external developers.
Prototyped and showcased several proof-of-concepts of non-UI and UI features through WPF/XAML and MVVM.
Researched implementation of new features, architected them and led discussions within and across several teams.
Programmed in C#/Silverlight involving design patterns, XML, multithreading, UI and other concepts.
Extensively wrote unit tests for all the production code, helped document my and others? features in the team.
Recruited for entry level position at university campuses.
Trained and mentored two interns, hosted several new employees.
Transitioned and adapted agile/scrum for the team and helped transition other teams.

Tachyon Technologies Bangalore, India


Developed a deamon in python for log file analysis.

NMR Research Center, Indian Institute of Science(IISc) Bangalore, India


Developed UI for displaying signals from an NMR spectrometer.

Projects(See LinkedIn profile)

Projects Listing

USC Coursework
- Natural Language Processing(ongoing) -
Built an Named Entity Recognition (NER) system using weka
- Scientific Computing and Visualization -
- Parallel molecular dynamics using OpenMP, OpenMPI, CUDA on a High Performance Cluster
- Poster: Benchmarked performance difference between USC HPC cluster and Amazon EC2 HPC cluster for scientific applications (execution time, inter-process communication time)
- Distributed and Cloud Computing -
- Live migration of VM using XEN, vSphere, Matrix multiplication using Hadoop
- Project: Contrasted performance difference between Amazon EC2?s speciality nodes for High Performance Application and regular compute nodes using Amazon EC2, MIT StarCluster, Nasa Parallel Benchmark
- Analysis of Algorithms

Compile Time Lock Allocation, Undergraduate Thesis
August 2009 - May 2010
- Plugin in GCC for static compile time code analysis to insert synchronization primitives for an user annotated critical section

Undergrad Projects - Paint-like application for drawing, storing and animating objects using C++, OpenGL, JUCE. Call center management software using VB, MySQL.