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Biomedical Engineering - Neuroscience

I am a member of the W.V.T Rusch Engineering Honors Program, Thematic Option honors program, and the Freshman Science Honors program at USC. I worked as a lab assistant in a molecular biology lab and a neuroscience lab in my freshman year and learnt a lot about lab and research techniques. I enjoy working on research projects which stimulate my intellect and interest. I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Ying’s lab at the Health Sciences Campus. We worked on mouse and human embryonic stem cells and tried to understand the differentiation and self-renewal capacity of pluripotent stem cells. My pre-professional emphasis is pre-medicine. I aim to be a neurosurgeon and be affiliated with W.H.O. and work in nations which do not get sufficient cheap, medical help. My hobbies include playing volleyball, oil-painting, watching movies, reading suspense novels, discussing about current biological research, cars and philosophy. I love sarcastic humor, ice-cream, sudoku, USC football, Trojan marching band and roller-coasters.

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