Nga Ting Wong
Vice President
Dragos Alex Agafitei
Natasha Naik

Jimmy Zheng
Francesco Dandekar

Chair of Student Affairs

Janet Lin
Chair of Corporate Affairs
Ann Jun
Senior Rep
Lee Murtagh
Junior Rep
Mercedes Perez
Sophomore Rep
Sapna Shah
Freshman Rep
Samuel Lin
Omair Khan

Vice President

Biomedical Engineering - Neuroengineering

A Biomedical Engineering with emphasis on Neuro Engineering, Dragos looks forward to jumping directly into the industry. His dream is to head a project that will make a difference in the medical world. His love of technology led him to build his own computers, servers, and peer to peer sharing network. He has taken courses at Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, and now at USC. His last internship at the USC Health Science Campus for the Informatics Core gave him experience in computer troubleshooting, network servicing, and application support. Also, he feels Biomedical Engineering has the perfect balance of the many respects needed to perform well in the industry; Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and more.



2007 The Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering.
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